apothecium [ap΄ō thē′shē əm, ap΄ō thēsē əm; ap΄əthē′shē əm, ap΄əthē sē əm]
pl. apothecia [ap΄ō thē′shēə, ap΄ō thē sēə ap΄ə thēshēə, ap΄ə thē′sēə] [ModL < L apotheca (see APOTHECARY) + -IUM]
Bot. an open cuplike structure containing sacs in which sexual spores are developed, as in lichens and certain fungi
apothecial [ap΄ō thēshəl, ap΄ə thēshəl, ap΄ō thēshē əl, ap΄ə thēshē əl]

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